Shifting Tides

Type: Film   Client: Self Initiated   Role: Director, Editor

As the morning tides rise, Ahmedbhai leads his herd of camels as they swim from one of the mangrove islands to another. These are the only camel species in the world that swims. The rotating blades of the wind turbines and factories create the backdrop for the village where Ahmedbhai and Ismailbhai live with their families. The film follows Ahmedbhai and Ismailbhai who are few of the remaining Unt Maldharis (nomadic camel pastoralists) continuing their forefathers’ business as the caretakers of the Kharai camels. They share a rare bond with the camels that goes back almost seven generations. This film explores the duality between Unt Maldharis and the onslaught of change which has affected their livelihood and unique traditional knowledge that is on the verge of vanishing.