Vaña Vaasiyon

Type: Film    Client: Purabi Bose    Role: Cinematography

Vãna Vaasiyon is a feature length independent documentary - a series with four short stories. This series of four short stories touches upon indigenous peoples' way of living inside forest, and the interface of environment-human relations focusing on key issues related to extractive mining industries, traditional shifting cultivation vs. oil-palm plantations, women's rights to land and forests, and communal forest rights in indigenous territories.


A film about land tenure and extractivism - coal and bauxite mining inside the demarcated tropical ever-green forest areas that also happens to be traditional indigenous territories.

A film about the long path by the indigenous communities to claim traditional community forest rights, and adivasis including traditional pastoralist's 'way of living'. Collective forest rights rarely gets recognition despite the historical legal provisions of the Forest Rights Act 2006


A film about women's empowerment and their struggle to claim communal forest rights. Women's rights to land and forest resources continues to be a big challenge. Abadiat, a short indie docu film, looks at adivasis women's forest and land rights within the context of fuel wood for household use and access to other non-timber forest products.


A film about oil palm cultivation and the traditional Jhum or shifting cultivation in the country's largest (almost 90 percent) indigenous population state, Mizoram.